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I'm doing a lot of gamedev. Right now I'm coding a map editor from scratch. It's such a fun thing to code. (MonoGame C#)
That's awesome! Would the map editor be part of something else, or is it its own thing?
I'm grading my students for their Word/Excel/HTML exam. Neat :D Otherwise, I should figure out what occupation to seek for next year.
Ouch, good luck! Hope it won't take your whole weekend.
I should do more work on my multilingual raytracing project. Also, for the last 6 months I've been playing with the idea of trying a bit of game development. Through that I can do programming, and art, and music, which are all individually things that I want to practice.
I'm really tempted to try game development as well. I planned to do something simple today with SDL and C. Let's see if I get the motivation.
I created a two column layout for to use all available white space. Next I will try to fetch data faster.
That looks absolutely amazing! Love the simplicity.
Merry Christmas to all!
This has been the hardest year of my life so far. I wonder how many people agree?
I agree with that sentiment. It's been a bad year overall.
Hi Everyone, being awhile. Any developers on here with expertise and experience in React, Firebase, Escrow & Amazon AWS (in addition to HTML & CSS) ?
Heya! Why are you asking? I've had some projects on react and firebase
Lol, a MySpace clone:
Too much nostalgia...
It's pretty fun and the obvious advantage is that it can be played alone and everywhere with almost no equipment.
So I went ahead and actually downloaded the game from - it's pretty simple and addictive!
I still prefer on macOS. :)
Wow! I didn't know you created some themes! That's awesome :)
Alone at home and bored? I've written a manual for Donsol, an ASPRDC (analog single player roguelike dungeon crawler, haha) which can be played with only a regular deck of cards (+ pen and paper probably). Check it out here:
I didn't know about this game, but it seems simple and fun. I'll look it up!
Time flies when you are having fun! Love the Halloween invitation poster.
Aww appreciate it! Cheers!
Does anyone use Lua predominantly? I'm currently learning it (along with Love2D) and admit I actually really like the syntax and the everything-is-a-table design. Admittedly it has its quirks. I'm wondering why the Lua ecosystem and community is so small compared to other dynamically typed programming languages? I tried installing LuaRocks and installing packages via it on my Windows machine and surprised how it just does not work, and how little support their is.
I learned about it while having fun with PICO-8. It's a lovely language, good design and simple.
Hello world, so clean!
hello there! Welcome :)
Going to bed early is an act of self-care, isn't it? Good night!
It definitely. I'll do the same actually! Good night to you :)
What is the best time of day? For me it is 11pm-3am. There' s something special about those hours.
To me, things get in another dimension at midnight :)