What project are you all working on these days?
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I'm transcribing "The Scoops" in Renoise, which I made with Charlie Brooker in 1996 on an Atari ST. 2 months in and 80% done. Pointlessness taken to a whole new level.
I am trying to make an interactive version of Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata
I'm working on V2 of socii.network, I hope to be done in Q1 of this year.
I started working on a URL shortener service for the inclined individuals that want to host it themselves. Any must haves in a self-hosted, simple URL shortener service?
Explicit setup manual. Let us know when you'll publish the code!
Configurable expiration times would be great
This past week I worked on two books and made excellent progress.
I'm doing a lot of gamedev. Right now I'm coding a map editor from scratch. It's such a fun thing to code. (MonoGame C#)
That's awesome! Would the map editor be part of something else, or is it its own thing?
I created a two column layout for unfeeder.com to use all available white space. Next I will try to fetch data faster.
That looks absolutely amazing! Love the simplicity.
I'm grading my students for their Word/Excel/HTML exam. Neat :D Otherwise, I should figure out what occupation to seek for next year.
Ouch, good luck! Hope it won't take your whole weekend.
I was a part-time teacher in a vocational high-school (it technician) for the last one and a half year. It was a great adventure! I wish to pursue it, but sadly I don't have enough time between my other jobs/projects.
I should do more work on my multilingual raytracing project. Also, for the last 6 months I've been playing with the idea of trying a bit of game development. Through that I can do programming, and art, and music, which are all individually things that I want to practice.
I'm really tempted to try game development as well. I planned to do something simple today with SDL and C. Let's see if I get the motivation.