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SublimeText on macOS, vim whenever I'm SSHed into a box.
does Scrivener count?
I've been using vscode for a while but not at even 20% of its potential I think.
Kakoune. After more than a decade of Vim and some NeoVim. Nothing could ever convince me to leave Vim. But then Kakoune came.
Another soul chiming in for neovim, sometimes with neovide!
I used to use VSCode, but recently as I switched to an old Thinkpad I started using Neovim. With CoC.nvim it supports language servers, which are what makes VSCode so great!
Visual Studio Code!
I'm a bit torn on that. I like code-oss (open source version of VSCode), but a part of me is always a bit sad for not using something simpler, lighter, and CLI based. Electron based apps are huge memory hogs...
Emacs, but forever wishing for a better alternative. Keenly waiting for 4coder's next update, which brings support for programming languages other than C++.
VSCode or Jetbrains products but I'm thinking about investing some time on vim/neovim/etc.. Can I learn more keyboard shortcuts ? I don't know !
neovim all the way!
What makes neovim great? Can you expound on that?
Sublime Text. Recently switched back to it after using VSCode and VSCodium for 2 years. I enjoy the snappiness of it. I'm looking at the Lite text editor by rxi, though.
What I dislike in Sublime is that it is closed source. Yes, very snappy, but that alone is enough to tolerate less than optimal text editors.
Cherry tree. I love to structure my notes a bit weirdly and a hierarchical note app has been the best fit for me so far. Been good for planning programming projects, worldbuilding creative writing things, and I even started using it as a journal when the mood takes me. Nothing too special about cherry tree but I absolutely love it.
I tried to like cherrytree, but there was always something off with it. The hierarchical stuff is nice until it isn't, because it isn't flexible enough. Or maybe I'm not their target user.
Atom. Brackets is good as well.
Tried Brackets because I thought it had a very clever idea with integrating context of other files into foldable lines. But it lacks modal editing.
Anything with vim bindings. I've been a fan of Doom Emacs lately. Neovim is pretty neat as well.