What's your current setup? (Computer, OS?)
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Second hand ThinkPad (T495s), Ryzen 3700U, running NixOS.
ryzen 3600, gtx 1660 super, 16gb ddr4-3600, 1tb nvme. i really enjoy connecting to this machine via parsec from other devices (including a raspberry pi 3), but would love to find an open source replacement that works as well as parsec does.
Desktop: old i5, GTX 2060 Super, NVME SSD running vanilla Arch linux, with i3 and no login manager (like ) Laptop: 2016 MacBook Pro that has somehow never had its keyboard replaced!
Desktop is i7-6700k + RX 480 tragically running Windows 10 (games). I wiped Manjaro from it recently because I needed the SSD. My laptop is a 4 year old Lenovo Flex 4 with Arch. I want to upgrade both computers, but I really don't need it.
Early 2015 MacBook Pro (13") running Arch Linux.
how does it run on your macbook? I've got a macbook pro as well and I'm considering dual booting with linux.
Main driver is a fairly new Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition. I threw Ubuntu off board though because I prefer my Void Linux setup. I'm not using any desktop environment. I use DWM, st and tmux. Things either happen in the shell or the browser. Browsers are, with few exceptions like Gimp and darktable, almost the only GUI applications I use. You can find my configs on github.com/nkoehri...
wow - i'm really curious what it looks like having no desktop environment.
Short answer: A fairly recent Thinkpad running Arch Linux. The details: I use Zsh as my shell with no login manager. I recently started using KDE/Plasma after years of using XFCE as my goto DE. Why? To give it a go, mainly. I'm pretty happy with it for now, mainly for its WM, kwin, which is very versatile and customizable.
I discovered zsh with oh-my-zsh and I must say, it is way more productive than bash !
on the hardware side : i7-5820k with a Noctua NH-U12P cooler with 16GB of RAM, a GTX 980, 2 SSDs and an HDD I have Manjaro with Gnome on one SSD and Windows 10 (for games) on the other SSD, whats your setup ?
iMac (home) and macbook pro for work. I'm super tempted to get a thinkpad and move away from osx