How many coffees per day? I'm currently at 3 to 4, depending on how much work needs to be done
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2-3 4 oz cups of cold brew these days (heat index)
2, but the second one is more out of enjoyment than need. i love drinking coffee. usually espresso (cafe bustello is my jam)
Varies between 1-5 daily, I always have a pitcher of cold brew in the fridge. However, I brew 1 part regular, 2 parts decaf, 1 part chicory (also decaf). It's not super strong, but tastes great and is enough of a kick to get the gears turning in the morning.
Pitcher of cold brew in the fridge is a wonderful idea at this time of year. Do you buy it or do you do it yourself?
I'm in IT, and live right next to the Finnish boat, there is no way I can do less than 10 cups a day.
What's the Finnish boat? :)
Used to drink 2 to 3 long ones during the day, but I've quit almost completely since two weeks ago - was struggling with headaches and I'm trying to figure out the culprit
1 Medium 7-11 Brazilian bean cup to carry me through the early email morning load. The rest of the day: H2O.
1 or 2, spending on how you count. I have a strong aeropress cup when I'm at home (35g coffee) or a two-shot espresso drink when I'm out. Any more and I'm an anxious, jittery mess. At night I will make a cup of decaf but I don't count that.
I got myself an aeropress machine a few weeks ago. I'm really enjoying the different taste the coffee has with it.
I have a cup of "real" coffee with breakfast and then throughout the day I have two or three cups of instant decaf. I realized that my addiction was to coffee itself, the warm beverage with strong taste, not caffeine.
It all depends on how well the coffee was brewed. I can only drink one or two cups from my workplace--if the coffee is from my favorite bagel joint then I could refill it endlessly...
I'm about the same !
Tea's my game. Though sometimes I'll drink a cup of coffee, strong Brazilian, for breakfast because the wife wants it.
None. But that doesn't mean I avoid stimulants. On the contrary. First, I'm very selective of the ones I use. Second, as they are simply tools, I never use the same repeatedly. The rationale for this is very obvious: to avoid building tolerance. And why do I use different simulants? Because each has it own set of effects. Some boost memory, others focus, others mood. Different tools for different goals.
That's super interesting. I never heard of other stimulants actually.
Mind sharing some information about those stimulants?