What are you current projects?
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I am working full-time on mailbrew.com. Currently implementing a read later source to compete with Pocket / Instapaper.
That's incredible cool!
Thinking about reproducing my local mountain range (in a stylised way) in a game similar to Pokemon Snap.
Building a rock tumbler that can fit several 3-gal buckets with screw-top lids. Found a nice continuous duty motor to drive it. I just need to get the belts and drive wheels figured out.
I recently setup rephrasor.com - an idea I had for competitive rephrasing. Now I'm working on a machine learning model to differentiate male from female writers (building on some success I had with a model to identify Donald Trump - link.medium.com/OS...
wooow that's quite amazing actually
Entertaining read - you could now build an adversarial system to spout trumpisms!