Miso What's one thing you are currently scared about?
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Derrick being eliminated by commie cultists for simply having the knowledge of their crimes
đŸ”ģ Trinity ah nah man, as a commie i can tell you: if someone wants to kill you for knowing something, they aren't a communist. the whole point is for knowledge to belong to the people
🗡ī¸ David Hayes Watching my loved ones suffer.
đŸŽŖ Fish stagnation
Aidan Paying for college
Wout That history will keep on repeating itself, and we'll never learn.
đŸ—ŋ Simohamed Why don't we, in your opinion? Is it because we're not taught History, Civics and civil duty?
Undescartes Socialism.
Gregory Pissflaps The sooner we end this capitalist dystopia, the better.
Rsm Getting an ingrown toenail.
Rajesh That one of my parents will catch the virus
Wyclif That is also a great fear of mine atm
Hans the first wave of CoViD-19 growing and growing for several months in the US. back in March, I expected to be in a strict quarantine until about now. it's depressing that that never happened and instead thousands upon thousands of people have died.
đŸĨą Abhinav Kumar This decade. It's begun at a very low note.
Leo Just got tinnitus seemingly out of nowhere
Hyperbolic Running out of toilet paper
Brian C. School going back.
👉 LÊo That the people that just got here from Hacker News (me included) will never again log into their accounts and this website will end up with a bunch of inactive users.
Luke That's inevitable with any new social media site. If it grows, it grows in bursts.
Rsm Another one here. Though I easily could get used to this.
đŸ—ŋ Simohamed I really wanna get used to this. It's like Twitter meets HN.
Gregory Pissflaps Crows pecking at my testicles.
💎 2083uunx88nx39x Artificial General Intelligence
☯ Prakhar B. me becoming more and more lazy, by every passing day!
Stephen The future of America. I'm not American but it will have an impact on the rest of the world..
🎛🙃 Mesut Ucar future of humanity is the most frightening
🐨 James Yeah, this is something that seems to be lost on some (not all, or even most) Americans - you can't position yourself as a moral/political leader and also tell other countries to butt out when it comes to their internal affairs.
⌨ī¸ Joseph I'm so disappointed with our response to COVID. It's mind boggling how bad we did.
Jhan Rama I said something wrong at work. Worried I'll be fired.
👉 LÊo Normally people only get fired for doing something _very_ wrong or not doing right things quickly enough. I am confident you will be ok! Just apologize for whatever you said and move on.
🐒 Giovanni Idili Internal politics
Elevator Salve Got a new manager as ours retired, spooky times.
Steve This network never supporting non English characters
Dan B. Yikes
Gregory K. I tried posting in Russian and it transliterated it into English.
👉 LÊo Yeah, at least they should allow it in usernames. A lot of English speakers have non-English names.
Gregory Pissflaps Don't worry, this site is an irrelevance that almost no-one will use with a day or two. So it doesn't really matter.
Alex the second wave
Feiss Covid, of course
Federico Carrizo Friday deployments
✖ī¸ Eduard Friday deployments should be banned.
Junk Food Lettuce
Miso Green things are scary...
đŸĩ David Trump winning a second term.
Wistar Yikes.
Ben Are you *truly* scared of that? How has his Presidency truly affected your life personally?
Miso Some things are inevitable...
Miso Ugh I know that feeling... I dread sunday nights for that very reason