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How many total members do subreply have till date? How many are active?
Let's answer this with a meme: it's over 3000, Elon would be proud. All green dots are active people.
Hofstadter walks into a bar, the bartender says "that's strange, didn't I just see you leaving?"
Now I got a book to read. Aren't we all in a big strange loop?
I see that posts appear in trending when two people reply multiple times to each other. What is the current requirement for a chain of posts to appear in trending? I think that only posts with multiple unique people replying should appear in that section.
An interesting idea, a thread will need a counter for unique people replying. Trending feed shows the top 15 threads from the last 30 with at least one reply.
Do people get notified in "Replies" when people reply to the replies to their post?
Replies show only direct replies, so the notification is only for direct replies.
Uniqueness is such an interesting post constraint; and I so enjoy systems with considered constraints--after all, why should a baseball double as an egg (or vice versa)? And if you really want to repeat something, nonce up? I might test that hunch. Looking forward to spending some time here.
Uniqueness is now checked for each account. We need to find a balance between creativity, preventing bad content or spam and not being restrictive.
I can't seem to use the flag emojis on this site. Is that intentional?
On the profile status or reply box? For reply box there's an unicode to ascii converter. All emojis should work for profiles excluding duplicates.
I've just read about the Gemini protocol. Have anyone tried it before? Looks extremely interesting. Love the old-school vibes.
It seems has played with the protocol. I didn't tried it yet.
I would like to be able to edit artificialfeed sources and delete/add my favorite ones. But there are plenty of RSS readers to do just that (I use Flym)... Nonetheless, It would be nice, with the added bonus of the ultra minimalistic style of the site. I suppose that it would be a big backend change...
No human interaction at all, everything should be done automatically. It's the opposite of Subreply. You can email me some feeds you want to see.
Listening on has me thinking about the use case that I want. I often use ios text-to-speech to listen to articles while I work with my hands, but only when they are sufficiently long. Otherwise it's too much hassle to find another article to read. Think I need an easy way to compile articles together for tts. Maybe even a custom podcast feed...
That was the initial idea to built a podcast. It can be done using source, title and description of each article.
I was actually thinking about sublevel the other day when I saw the return email in my inbox. Hello!
Hi again, Andrew! What games do you play? That's good emoji choice.
Interesting...! Where do you sit at a drive in when you have no car?
They installed an outdoor tribune. Rain started so everyone had to go except those with cars.
Opera is closed source and owned by a Chinese company. I strongly do NOT recommend.
Opera has great UX/UI on Android. I can't find a better browser.
Got an old Samsung Galaxy S4 with a sluggish Android 4.4 and bloated Samsung softs... Install a custom ROM based on Android 10.0 ... And it runs really well, aside from few instabilities I add (reboots when an application doesn't like the ROM). Not perfect but the phone as a new life...
I recommend using Opera on Android with "Tablet" app layout. It works like a mini desktop browser. Its night mode is even better than Dark Reader extension.
Most names have interesting meanings. Michael means "who is like god?" Nikhil means "without boundaries". What does your name mean?
It means light, but now I'm confused about its origin, English or Latin.
Sent you a few bucks, check your Paypal. You should have received it...
Yes, thank you! They will go to the cloud hosting bill.