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How do you deal with loss of motivation?
Start working as a physicist in a R&D company just to write a Django app +_+
That's how I started with Python. In 2012 I joined a startup to learn Django.
But why this way? Why not encrypt a separate key (maybe even per message exchange) that is reencrypted when the password gets changed.
I thought user should have the "key" for their sent messages. Re-encrypting is possible, but not privacy aware. It could be a separate service similar to IRC/Slack.
16:9 screen on a laptop? No way. (Are they nuts or what?)
On Linux you can use Dash to Panel on left side of the screen. Same can be done on Windows to save vertical space. 16:10 is a lot better for content creation, 16:9 is for content consumption.
I don't mind the extra click if I get two nice looking and easy to use screens. Right now the trade-off is not worth it, because a) I save myself the click, but everything is so crammed together that I can barely make sense of it (more so because the information in the 2 different columns are completely unrelated -- they are 2 different feeds) and b) I lose the leads below the headlines, which were actually quite nice.
I made some small design adjustments on the 2-column layout.
Hello Subreply ! Is there people who have experimented with Gemini ?
I would be nice to have text/gemini over http.
i often either feel im not programming enough, or, not reading enough. have yet to find a middle ground i like
Programming turns thoughts into money.
Darn gravity. Why did Isaac Newton have to invent it and ruin it for the rest of us?
Sorry for the blunt feedback, but that 2-column layout on artificial feed is terrible. It was super simple and clean, now it's a mess. Barely usable on mobile too. The leads under the headlines, which were essential to provide additional context, are gone too. Still hoping this is just a big mistake. Any chance you will roll back the changes?
Oh, sorry. I didn't know you read it. Can you give it some time? I can bring the old layout back, but you can see the latest news without an extra click.
That looks absolutely amazing! Love the simplicity.
Midnight Pub had a nice design too at some point.
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
This suddenly motivated me to take some actions I postponed for a long time.
how do i force dark mode on subreply?
Opera has a dark mode switcher. OS switcher should work too.
Thank you for making this! Have you written about the design / tech anywhere?
I started writing on my GitHub blog lucianmarin.github... about some implementation details.
What project are you all working on these days?
I created a two column layout for to use all available white space. Next I will try to fetch data faster.
[Troll warning} C++ is a decent Lisp nowadays.
Janet is a decent Lisp. I like how close it resembles Python.
`sudo crontab -e` -> Why the elevated priviliege? Should the certbot not run as a non-admin user for better security?
I think it doesn't restart nginx without sudo.