Python developer and all things design. ~ 34 years old
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Hey, I'm back. Great job with the layout improvements !
I took me some time to come up with the new design too.
how the heck do i sign out?
Totally agree, a great choice. You should go join Lucian :)
Thanks, I wish. Maybe Elon Musk will join Subreply.
What are the names of some movies where the man realizes that he is about to lose the girl's love, and then runs to either the airport, bus or train station to meet and declare his love to her, and vice versa?
She's Out of My League and search for similar movies on Google.
cognitive dissonance at social distance
Absolutely thrilled of my new thinkpad. It's a big P53. Linux noob but I went with fedora. It's very slick right now. The transition from macos isn't so bad! Any tips?
Prepare for Btrfs as default on Fedora 33. Subvolumes and filesystem compression are awesome.
This is excellent, h/t max hodak
Max Hodak was a good choice for Neuralink. I'm curious about what will they do next.
This device is so expensive ! But also so cool ! Also look at those very cool hacks!
It's $1000 less than Surface Duo. There's also the Paperlike screen protector for iPad Pro.
What was that Dubfi that is no more?
Subreply without replies, only mentions were possible.
Next film on the list: WarGames
I apply "the only winning move is not to play" every single day.
I think I'm done with smartphones. Were I able to script stuff on them they'd be useful but I don't need an ad dongle stuck in my pocker. Soon to be back to Nokia 105. Hopefully.
I have an ad free experience on my Android smartphone. iOS is horrible.
What new tab extension do you use?
Blank page because it's instant.
Sitting at the vet in a full waiting room being the only one wearing a mask. What's wrong with yall?
It's the same in other parts of Europe. I'm the only one wearing a mask from the moment I leave and come back home.
I think there's a tendency to want to see new threads on the top when I wake up and click 'Trending'. And regardless if there's not much code -- would be nice to have the option to self-host an instance. :) Either way, I respect your decisions. This is great work.
Guess where you can discover new threads: in Discover / Threads. :)
very true indeed, but maybe I expected the 'Trending' feed to have more activity. question: subreply is not open sourced right?
Did you check the last 48 threads? Or do you prefer to read even more? There's no much code to open source. :)
this is a really great social network. love the minimalism. i might even enjoy it more than Mastodon... :thinking: now if only there were more people.
There's plenty of great people here unlike some other places.