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I wasn't familiar with this font. Looks interesting. What did the creator mean by this sentence: "It is designed to take wide countertops inside letters, including lowercase b, d, p, q, making it even harder to collapse even in small size"? Wide countertops?
I think he meant that those letters are readable at small font sizes too compared with a regular sans font.
It's weekly at the moment, but daily might be better. Although that depends on the amount of pages to check. Checking hundreds of pages each day might be too much load.
By daily I meant periodically. Weekly or monthly is fine too. I like the sorting options. I usually optimize for transferred size because static resources are cached by browsers. I'm not sure how you can get the transferred size automatically.
Nice, I wanted to check it anyways. I'll add more pages in the evening. Btw, what do you think about the idea and implementation of the page?
I would check the size of webpages dynamically and on a daily basis.
Could it be possible to have some dark theme with the Android app ? Or a theme toggle somewhere ? Thank you very much for having developped Su reply (:
I submitted an update to the Play Store: (1.0.3). Dark mode will work on Android 10 and up.
looks good on my Windows machine!
Geez... I just visited Gizmodo's website for the first time in about 10 years. It's a shame.
Even now that you mentioned it, I won't open it. :)
Am i the only one who's not excited about this M1 chip? Ram is inside the chip, everything is hard soldered, you can't replace any component. I know it has been this way with macs lately but this time it's even worse. It seems to me that the sole purpose of those new chips is to make them more like iphones and ipads so that the only way to upgrade is to keep buying the newer models.
I could be interesting once software get standardized between ARM and x86. macOS, Linux and Windows run on both now. Maybe Apple will keep Mac Pro running on Intel.
installing WSL2 on my work PC. hopefully this goes well...
Docker with WSL2 backend was a huge upgrade for my workflow.
what kind os music did yo hear when you go to develop?
Chilltrax radio station is playing in the background.
Bad. Corona is massively back.
In my country there are 10x more cases compared with last month.
Hi everyone! I hope people had a good weekend :) I would like to let you know that the little "Subreply Book Club" is coming to the end of our first read-through. The book we are reading is "The Three-Body Problem" by Cixin Liu. If you would like to join us, we will have an exchange about the book after this week. If you've read the book before then feel free to join in to share your thoughts :)
I received emails from people who discovered new books on Subreply but didn't signup for an account here.
I'm not on LinkedIn but I'll gladly join an alternative.
I got a domain for the project. It can be abbreviated as HR.
loving the new purple theme of firefox
Hey, I'm back. Great job with the layout improvements !
I took me some time to come up with the new design too.