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The attempt to get physicists to use constructor theory has the same energy as the push towards geometric algebra in the gaming industry. There's an analog with functional programming here too, does not imply the same dynamics however
A theory to explain other thories, that's the interesting part about it.
Yeah Lightning royalties are still very valuable... Also, the 143W power brick could be in preparation for an iMac Pro latter this year. That one will certainly have a more powerful M1 chip, 6K screen and possibly come with in house dedicated graphics. Hence more power needed. So it makes sense cost wise to only produce and use one model of power brick. Though why didn't they put the Rj-45 on all bricks? Looks like another greedy product segmentation...
MacBook Air is the only Apple product I own. I have 5 USB-C devices and only 2 chargers. USB-C can reduce environment impact. Apple needs to change. They need a tech guy as CEO.
, did you let expire? It no longer redirects.
It's basically just a Mac Mini but with a screen, keyboard and mouse/trackpad and a monitor. Should be under 100W easy. There's certainly another reason for it. Maybe just to get rid of an enormous stock of power bricks (so much for environment)... I do like the ethernet port on the power brick though, hope they put that on the next MacBook Pro.
The new iPad Pro still includes a power adapter in the box. Only iPhone team cares about environment, but wait, they are still using Lightning instead of USB-C.
My Nokia 8.1 just got Android 11, which is really fine, I find it really smoother in the overall animations and transitions !
I'm still on Android 9. I need to buy a new phone to update the OS.
Interestingly, I set a filter on gsmarena for phones under 150x70x10mm starting year 2019... And... It only returned 17 smartphones! We really live in a world of oversized "terminals"! The 4a is listed but also the more powerful Galaxy S10e which could be a nice choice (if you find a good renewed one)...
On a 16:9 smartphone on Twitter app I can only see one tweet at a time. It's crazy how unoptimized apps are these days. You need the biggest screen available.
Is there a way to change what your little profile button is? Mine just says "meg" and I'd think it would be cool if it could be your chosen emoji.
So if user.emoji: logo = user.emoji else: logo = user.username[:3] but not sure everyone would like it.
What's your favorite text editor?
Actually it's nano with all custom settings enabled: autoindent, historylog, linenumbers, softwrap, tabstospaces.
I am starting to think that any new microblog should have federation support at this point. There's too many social networks; things are too fragmented. It's definitely nice having a small community of likeminded folks, but the paradox is that every community in its early stage wants *more* users until the point where old users reminisce of the good old days when the site had "personality", and then leave to another smaller community.
They said the same thing about app distribution. We have both systems: package managers and app stores.
I remembered this site again! Wow it changed again. So much has changed -- I now have my own tech portal and it's been doing well!
I like how people come back here after years and start fresh.
looks like your comment now has emoji support. :)
Emoji can be converted to plain text then back to emoji. See for all 🔥 shortcodes.
Sorry but what is the reasoning behind forbidding me to write the same thing twice? I just learned, that I replied with "nice!" 25 weeks ago already. So now I have to make a list of compliments to use?
I'll improve this. Your last post shouldn't be the same, the replies in a thread shouldn't be the same, etc. They are meant to prevent spam.
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