So... WTF are we doing here? I don't mean in the context of Subreply but rather here in this universe, this planet, this reality, this layer of stuff... I dunno about you guys but i think DNA got it right: the creation of the universe was a very, very bad move.
Matter can be transformed into energy. We're lucky being here in a stable phase of the universe.
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Damn... i want to kiss your mind for that comment... it reminds me of the physicist in me. Thanks a lot
maybe but it might also be that we just dont exist in any other stage so time is just a construct and there's no luck involved
Thank you mister proton for not decaying like your pal, mister neutron...
Are we lucky if we could probably have only existed now rather than any other time?
To paraphrase Hawking: It's like being on the highway, seeing a license plate that says (eg) "XK 7962", and remarking that the probability of seeing that license plate is very small.