Words are now highlighted while listening to an article on artificialfeed.com but it took me a while to figure out how to do it properly.
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What do you mean by "listening"? I can't find a way to play any sound
Clicking on the source name opens up the read mode and you can listen. I will link timestamps too.
Responding to a different change: why can we not have lower-case names anymore? All of a sudden mine is capitalized when I intentionally wanted it to be lower-case. This seems like a bad idea.
Yeah, +1 for this. We should choose whether it's capitalized or not. Please revert this change
Could you toy with adding favicons to the websites?
Yes, it's planned. But I want something of higher quality, so I have to manually get the best logo of each website.
OMG this is exactly what I was looking for, thank you a lot for this project!
Cool feature addition.
I would like to be able to edit artificialfeed sources and delete/add my favorite ones. But there are plenty of RSS readers to do just that (I use Flym)... Nonetheless, It would be nice, with the added bonus of the ultra minimalistic style of the site. I suppose that it would be a big backend change...
No human interaction at all, everything should be done automatically. It's the opposite of Subreply. You can email me some feeds you want to see.