I got an Hey invite if everyone wants it.
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If nobody else want it, please give it to me. I still think XMPP will do the better job than Hey, but I'm a long time DHH fan, just want to see his recent creation.
I'm pretty happy with Protonmail and my own domain, but i'd give it a shot if you have another.
I think Hey is open registration currently
I think I will finally host my own mail
It can be fun. I did it for many years until it became too much responsibility (the entire family was in it). These days it is hard, very hard, to become bonafide, but not impossible.
How do you like Hey?
Did they literally just start handing out access? I signed up today. Intrigued.
No thanks, I had a brush with Ippimail a few years back - as says - I'll stick with my Apple service.
It seems nobody wants Hey, me either. The invite went to a guy I don't know uncle.
Another "email services client?" I wrote about those a little (collantes.us/2017/...). Not even free I want it. :-D