Should I send an email to the last active people announcing Subreply?
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Thanks for sending something! I had forgotten about it, but it's nice to have a quiet space on the web.
Thanks for the email!
Thanks for the email! And subreply!
Thanks for the email. Bookmarking this and keeping it as open tab!
I didn't remember that this network existed
Happy to be back
Good to be back!
Yay I forgot about this service until I got the email :)
Thanks for the email! I had forgotten about sublevel, but I really like the concept, and will try to make more use of it!
Thanks for the email! I hadn't forgotten, just wandered off to
Thanks for sending the email. I have already forgotten about it, because it has changed names--and TLDs--four(?) times now.
I've got 4 saved for this username/password in 1Password.
Yes! I found it eventually...
Yay! Welcome back!
Yes! and I can try to get a few other people to join as well