🏒 Lucian Marin Apple sells 52 iPad models, 29 iPhone models, 30 goldless Watch models, 36 iPod models, 19 MacBook models and 9 iMac+Mini models. Even if I want to buy one, I don't know which. What happened to Steve Jobs legacy? Wasn't simplicity the ultimate sophistication? Basically Apple has to refresh 175+ different hardware configurations every single year. I think Tim Cook is the wrong CEO for Apple.
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Nkrs When iPhone first came out it killed everyone else because the only choice was the size of the internal memory and all of the features were the same between the variants. On the other end, Sony-Ericsson at the same time had two dozen different models, all with a different set of features, and none of those phones were "The Sony-Ericsson Phone". I just opened up the iPhone model comparison page and I thought it was scary.
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🏒 Lucian Marin The iPhone used to come in beautiful white and black models. Now the white has become silver and black has become gray. They also added a sepia color because black and white wasn't cool enough. I'm afraid that 4S will be my first and last iPhone.
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