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🤗 Alex P. hail to pocketability!
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John Gatsby Play War Thunder now - insider.games/game...
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Vajra I have small hands and the 5 s is perfect. I do many things one-handed and my experiments with the 6 were awkward. he display on the 6 is exquisite
7y, 51w reply
Ray Although I prefer the larger screen, I'm not surprised that some people still prefer the smaller screen. I upgraded from the 5 to the 6+ and it took a little getting used to. Apple should also offer the 4" as I'm sure there will continue to be a market for it for years to come.
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🏒 Lucian Marin Let's hope they use premium materials for the 4" version, otherwise people would just go with the 4.7" one.
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Mark Dain After having used my iPhone 6 since it came out, I have to say few things are hard to reach. Overall it's a very nice device. If anything, I'd like the iPhone 5's case with the 6's display. The protruding camera and curved back is kinda annoying.
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