👽 Lucian Marin Font used in Apple Watch is called San Francisco, and you can download it now. fastcodesign.com/3...
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Adam Douglas Download link taken down. Anybody able to upload this for me? For personal use.
7y, 41w 2 replies
👽 Lucian Marin It's available on GitHub (github.com/wellsri...). Doesn't look good for content, it's useful only for bare-bones UI.
7y, 41w 1 reply
Martijn Nice download, but shouldn't it have included some EULA? I don't think I'd dare use it for anything commercial as it stands.
7y, 45w 2 replies
Simon Janes Somewhere someone in Apple HQ is having an oh-shit moment when they realized they archived a directory too far. :D
7y, 45w 1 reply