🏒 Lucian Marin Great insight into how the brain works with (sublevel.net/re/8760). The brain is like a radar that don't only scans the environment, but also stores everything and make sense of all that information. It uses previous environments to adapt to new ones and in this process, it keeps track only of the differences.
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Simon Janes I have to question if it "stores everything." It is affected by everything, how anyone's mind encodes its experience depends 80% on all prior experience. Numbers I'm just pulling out of my ass, but wherever the brain specializes is usually close to the sensors and drivers, and farther away from sensors/drivers is where the individual's mind grows. Some people encode/store audio far better than others e/s visual or kinesthetics. It's what makes people great. When you say someone has "talent" you're admiring their "mental desktop." Speaking of admiring how other people think... usesthis.com
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🏒 Lucian Marin It stores everything, but you can't remember everything. Actually, that's the reason why we require sleep. Brain needs to make room for new information. There was more recent article, but I could only find discovermagazine.c... about this.
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