Nicolás Parada Subreply feels pretty fast. Which stack does it use? Have you writen any technical showoff of it ? I've been making a social app on youtube and I've taken inspiration from subreply :)
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🏒 Lucian Marin I'm using a Python stack: Falcon as web framework, Django for ORM, PostgreSQL, PgBouncer to keep DB connections hot, Gunicorn for async and multithreading HTTP requests, sockets for connections between each stack component to reduce latency. I pay for a high frequency Intel server to reduce latency even further.
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Nicolás Parada Awesome. Doesn't look anything crazy. Maybe it is just a well designed and simple database schema... How do you query the feed from SQL. Do you use fan-out, or fan-in?
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🏒 Lucian Marin For feed I fetch ids of friends and pass them as filter to entries table. The only optimization here is that you friend yourself when you register. With Subreply and I want to prove that Python can be fast enough for real world usage.
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Nicolás Parada Impressive. Feels very fast even tho it doesn't have any read optimization. Kudos.
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🐸 Simon Python is reasonably fast, and definitely fast enough for the web, are people still not past the "Python is slow" meme?
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