Zero Edge This thread on hackernews has me completely baffled: news.ycombinator.c... . I cannot imagine debugging without a debugger. People in the thread act like step debugging you simply step through the entire code and don't simply place breakpoints at the places you want to look. I am so confused... I mean I use print every once in a while but I cannot imagine the kind time I would waste not using a proper debugger. Maybe I am just spoiled using Visual Studio and other modern ide's suck? You're telling me you print an entire hash table to inspect a few elements for improper data??
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🏃‍♂️ Lucian Marin I never used a debugger. A function or class should fit in my head otherwise it should become another function or class.
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Zero Edge I guess it depends on the language? Are you mostly in JS or what? You don't step through your code when testing it?
🏃‍♂️ Lucian Marin I write mostly Python. I use debug mode that comes with web frameworks like Django, Falcon, Flask. Sometimes I use iPython to debug code. In JavaScript, developer tools in browsers give you everything from console to network requests. It seems pointless to me to use a debugger in an interpreted language. I didn't write much code in a compiled language, so that's another story.
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