🧙 Lucian Marin Google Pixel should have a single camera and 4x zoom. 2x zoom could be achieved with pixel-binning while 3x and 4x using machine learning. Actually, any smartphone should go back to a single camera.
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Frank Chidera I don't think so.
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☕ David Antoine I would like something akin to the Nokia 808. It had a big 41Mpix sensor. Full res when good light is present. 8Mpix mode for low light and 3x zoom, if I remember. Or 5Mpix for low light or 5x zoom. Works with vids as well. Simple and effective. And audio quality was great. I still have 8Mpix shots of Bruges at night looking awesome and devoid of noise. It's almost a 10yo piece of tech... Only Samsung does something similar with its 64Mpix RGB sensor on the S21/S21+.
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