👽 Lucian Marin Should I upgrade from Sony XZ1 Compact to Google Pixel 4a? I do it more for a bigger screen in a compact form factor.
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☕ David Antoine Interestingly, I set a filter on gsmarena for phones under 150x70x10mm starting year 2019... And... It only returned 17 smartphones! We really live in a world of oversized "terminals"! The 4a is listed but also the more powerful Galaxy S10e which could be a nice choice (if you find a good renewed one)... m.gsmarena.com/res...
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👽 Lucian Marin On a 16:9 smartphone on Twitter app I can only see one tweet at a time. It's crazy how unoptimized apps are these days. You need the biggest screen available.
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😀 Tom I was just thinking the other day: With my AfterShokz bone-conducting headphones, I would be okay with a phablet, or a Pinephone with keyboard attachment - basically something that wouldn't be comfortavle to hold up to your ear. The problem with my waterproof AfterShokz bone-conducting headphones, the microphone hole gets clogged and people can't hear me.
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