🐞 Lucian Marin Apple should release an ARM-based MacBook with Lightning connector. I would love to charge all my devices with a single cable. I understand that the USB-C charger for 15-inch MacBook Pro can't charge the 13-inch MacBook Pro or the 12-inch MacBook. But this won't be an issue if they use Lightning. Anyway, the future of USB-C is the 60GHz wireless standard. Essential Phone uses it to connect peripherals.
Mark Dain Wouldn't a USB-C iPhone make more sense? Unify every Apple product with 1 cable. It seems a bit odd they're still releasing Lightning peripherals like the Magic Mouse 2
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🐞 Lucian Marin If iPhones get USB-C, I'm getting the rumored 512GB version or at least the 256GB one. Right now I'm looking into Sony XZ1 Compact with a 256GB card. What I don't like about Sony camera is that it can't take square pictures.
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