🏒 Lucian Marin I don't understand why companies hire mediocre engineers. Smart engineers don't even care that much about money, they care about making smart things. Why wouldn't you want to have the smartest product in the market? My guess is that mediocre companies hire mediocre people. I imagine if they hire someone smart, he or she will disturb their mediocracy environment.
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😀 Tom I feel like a lot of companies don't know how to recognize and hire real talent.
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Paul Webb I feel the same way. There are so many simple things that devs at big companies do wrong. Displaying content like, "1 items". Really? Is it *that* difficult to make an if/else statement? If amount === 1, use singular. Else, use plural. Simple. The npm ecosystem is another example. I like looking through the source code of popular packages and I often see 1) inconsistent coding styles, 2) undeclared variables, and 3) generally sloppiness. As a result, I end up writing my own implementation of things or downloading the package, fixing it, and including it manually for my projects.
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🤔 John It's surprisingly hard to find, filter, and persuade the smart people to join your company. There is a lot more area under the bell curve near mediocrity than genius. But I think particularly modern companies ask for conformity of thought, social graces, success in office politics, etc. that optimizes away from the smartest. And the smartest are often off building something they think is important.
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