🏒 Lucian Marin All climate change policies had produced growth in all industries across the planet in recent years. Why are climate change deniers believe otherwise? Why wouldn't you want a healthy economy and a healthy environment at the same time?
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Mark Dain I've never heard that growth claim, could you link to some articles/papers? Perhaps some people simply haven't heard the right argument? For me, I think a lot of deniers can be explained as a reaction to aggressive tree huggers. I got into a fierce argument with a friend who told me he's "disgusted" to hear I want to drive a pickup and that my answer to climate concerns was to carbon offset. It pissed me off so much I decided to scrap my plans to carbon offset and to get the car I -really- want to get, and not the high MPG model. Yes, CC is real but if you can't even work with people on keeping your footprint low, what can you do?
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🏒 Lucian Marin Well, one of the first articles from a Google search for "solar power and economic growth": renewableenergywor...
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☕ David Antoine Everyone should want a healthy economy and environment for sure. About deniers, I don't know. It seems there is kind of a melting-pot between those who deny climate change like you deny earth is round and those who deny the 100% human cause and think it's a complex set of anthropogenic and natural processes... And they all fight... I don't really care, I'm much more worried about chemical and nuclear pollution. But I guess one could at least link chemical production to industrial activities in general and its level of impact on climate... That still doesn't solve the problem.
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