🏒 Lucian Marin Beats 1 is the biggest radio station in the world that I don't listen to. I wish Apple will go back being a tech-only company. Let entertainment in the hands of entertainers.
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Vivek I wish there's some reform so small independent broadcasters can affordably stream again - a lot of small webstream stations shut down last year due to SoundExchange's removal of "small webcaster" provision: mountainchill.word... , radioparadise.com/...
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🏒 Lucian Marin I enjoy OFFradio (offradio.gr) lately and its iOS app. It works the same as Beats 1 Radio since it lets you interact with the currently playing song and past songs. A simple MP3 stream isn't ideal any longer. We need an interactive format so independent broadcasters can provide same level of experience to their listeners.
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Mark Dain I remember when Beats 1 launched I tried listening to it a bit. Pretty terrible choice of music (I remember them playing Justin Bieber and lots of Hip Hop). It's cool that it's 24/7; feels very much like an internet radio station done right in that sense, but I wonder why Apple is paying all this money? For what purpose do they run a free radio station? The stations in Apple Music make more sense; they are mostly curated playlists that randomly shuffle through the iTunes Store.
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☕ David Antoine I was not even aware of Beats 1... I use a free Deezer account when I want to listen to a particular song or artist... I don't know what, between hardware and software/services, is more profitable for Apple. I guess the latter... I would like to see Apple innovate again and go back to be mainly a tech company but it seems they are now just managing their gigantic cash reserve... And cash flow...
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