☕ David Antoine Question for devs : what programming language should a complete newbie start with ? I'm not sure I would be able to learn that. I'm not sure if my brain is "logical" enough... I'm starting to think about it. Maybe I should try, no matter how long it would take to be "proficient" enough. I love astronomy, I'd like to do program something related to that. So, what would be a good starting point ? C, C++, Python ? There are so many language...
Mark Dain My vote would be Go as it's easy to learn and has very few warts. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to make a GUI so it may be hard to be able to see work in progress? I'd personally advise you avoid Python. Full disclaimer here that I'm not a Python developer but from an outsider, people are still to this day using Python 2.7. I'm concerned a beginner will be frustrated when snippets of code don't work properly because they're using 3 but everyone else is still on 2.x
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🏒 Lucian Marin All Python 2 code runs on Python 3 with small changes. It's still Python at the end of the day. Why avoid Python? The community is huge and it's the perfect beginner's language. The are still unmaintained Python 2 packages, but who would want to use old code for a new project?
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