Mark Dain The next iPhone needs to have wireless charging. The number of times I've left my phone sitting on my desk not plugged in makes me think I could probably go without never charging again, not even overnight.
🏒 Lucian Marin 2017 iPhone will be a good candidate for wireless charging. You can't have wireless charging in a metal enclosure. Anyway, I'll rather have really fast charging. I charge my iPhone 4S right after I wake up. It gets to ~95% from ~45% in almost one hour.
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Mark Dain I didn't know you had an iPhone 4S. I forgot to mention that I got an iPhone SE for work (dedicated development device) a few weeks ago. It's been absolutely fine for me. Perhaps the one you bought was badly put together or something?
🏒 Lucian Marin I plan to get an iPhone 7 if it comes in black ( Or wait for the next year model. It all depends on the build quality. I want a sturdy device. The sturdiness is what I like most about the 4S followed closely by its size.
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