🏒 Lucian Marin T-Mobile offers 6GB LTE for $80/Month in US and I pay EUR2/Month for 30GB LTE.
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😀 Tom That's prepaid right? I think the US is pretty much the only country that does postpaid. That locks people into contracts and gets them to pay a lot more in the future for a slightly less expensive phone today. Most people don't know that there are cheaper ways, so it doesn't get the attention and competition that would bring the price down to a more reasonable level. We are slowly getting there though. Contracts are becomming less popular, but people are still getting postpaid plans. I try to inform people about and convince them to use prepaid (cheaper and you get more), but most people don't want to save to buy an unlocked phone
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🏒 Lucian Marin This is on contract. I get 200 voice minutes, 5GB traffic on 3G, 30GB traffic on LTE (band 38), no SMS/MMS. This is a new niche network that doesn't even have support for 2G. The higher contracts get you more minutes while EUR6/Month comes with unlimited voice calls. The data caps are the same for all contracts and I prefer the cheapest one. The Wikipedia page of RCS & RDS (en.wikipedia.org/w...) is a bit lacking, but you can see the specs. I also got FTTH internet at 300 Mbps for EUR6/Month while they offer 1 Gbps for EUR10/Month. They stream 25 TV channels using HLS for free which let me turn iTunes into a TV.
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Adam Douglas Well I know where I'm moving
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