🧙 Lucian Marin I was just imagining an email client based on Markdown alone. Today I find that text/markdown (tools.ietf.org/htm...) is the official media type for Markdown. Somebody else might actually built a simple email client in the near future.
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Mark Dain Yes, I've dreamed of Markdown in emails! I'm glad "text/markdown" is a valid MIME type now! I wonder if we could see it baked into browsers? Serve a page with text/markdown and have the browser render it into a basic HTML page?
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Nkrs Markdown's syntax is largely inspired by formatting conventions of plain text emails. In a way, what you're describing is already possible.
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🏴‍☠️ Serge Keller That would be something interesting, _indeed!_ - Did you ever consider using simple Markdown formatting (bold, italic) for ? (not a request, just curiosity)
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Mark Dain Wouldn't be the first time that Lucian built with Markdown (he used to run a blogging site called Markdawn). I suspect he's a fan
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