Mark Dain I can't stand websites that use the secret question/answer method to recover access. I'm basically locked out of my Sainsburys account as I can't tell them what my first car was (hint: I don't drive, I could have put anything there!)
🍫 Lucian Marin I let Chrome save and manage all my passwords. I know they encrypt them, so it's pretty safe. What I do is let others browser import everything from Chrome. I don't enable iCloud for Keychain or anything else because it makes Safari and OS X slow.
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Mark Dain This site doesn't let you save passwords () but even if it did, Chrome, last I checked, doesn't let you have a master password so if it is encrypted I'm skeptical about how much security that offers.
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Martijn Chrome encrypts based on your OS user credentials. For Windows it uses the CryptProtectData API tied to your logon credentials and I seem to recall it uses whatever keyring is available on unix/linux platforms.
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John Olinda My Chrome setup has a master password for all my sync data, even though I save passwords through Lastpass. But when I set up a new Chrome install I have to enter that before it will decrypt my data.
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