Lois i don't know why people trust the BBC. it's just a propaganda machine for the government. granted, the other channels can't be trusted either because they'll produce or say anything for the ads/ratings. i just won't watch tv i think.
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Adam Douglas It's nothing new. The BBC can't afford to put a foot wrong, so it panders to whomever can put it under financial pressure. Though years ago they still used to put some good programmes out. TV is worthless in an age where you can pick what you want and watch it when you want. I don't vouch for Netflix or any of the others, because the reality is you're paying for 6 shows that are worth watching and hundreds of shows you watch simply because it's there. I don't really bother watching anything now. Except Star Trek repeats.
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🏒 Lucian Marin Guess what I did these days, rewatched all Star Trek motion pictures. It feels good. No need for BBC.
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Lois yeah i don't like subscription stuff. i like just paying for stuff when i want to watch it. google play works well for me.
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