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I create systemd timer to renew my certbot certificates because i had problems with cron.
This! Also, systemd allows you to check on it a lot easier, I think with systemctl list-timers.
This is a question that a colleague asked me a couple years ago, and it just keeps coming back to me. If one becomes informed about the damage that our meat consumption is causing on the planet, does it become immoral for one to consume meat? Say, if you watch a couple documentaries on Netflix and continue consuming meat, does that make you a bad person? I don't really have an answer. I think about it every time I eat a burger.
I know what the meat industry does. It ain't good, but it's all about making that bottom dollar. I do my best to pick out meat and produce that is organic. Ethically produced pork & beef is beautiful! Fuck chickens, though. Actually being around big livestock farms/auctions and seeing the way they live in pens, eating and shitting on themselves is horrible. Stress does not make good food. Know your meat!
I was on a wayland setup before, using sway, but on another laptop. There I didn't have any issues with Chromium rendering but enough others (Chromium doesn't support Wayland for example, so it's running in XWayland, which breaks lots of things, especially screen sharing). I really liked the simplicity of Wayland compared to X but for now it is not yet supported widely enough. It might be some MESA problem though. I just checked GLXGears and the gears don't move. Thanks.
I have trouble talking to people for my side project. I build in a silo and I'm pretty good at the code stuff and I can be social with friends. But something about talking to customers makes my skin crawl and I don't want people to feel like I'm trying to take advantage of them or waste their time. Anyone have similar anxieties?
Learning how to interface (in meatspace, online/cellular/telephone is meh) with customers is one of the most useful skills I learned in my time as a service technician, especially since most of the work in the latter years has been residential. I still can't sell for diddly squat.
Got strange graphic glitches in Chromium on my new laptop (Dell XPS 13, 10th gen i7, intel HD something graphics). Any ideas how to investigate? Got a normal Xorg setup, xf86-video-intel driver. DWM as window manager (no "desktop"). Everything else works fine, only chromium fails to redraw the window (without any errors in the terminal). Any ideas?
Which OS are you on? Have you heard the good word of our lord and savior Wayland? Are any other applications doing this? Could it be an issue with mesa? Are you swapping heavily?
Beej's guide is usually the goto resource for getting started. I've personally used it, and imo it's very well written.
Second for Beej's guide! Good reference, too.
Not so fun bed mites fact: your bed pillow might be home to 40k microscopic bed mites that come out at night to feast on your skin residues. (chapter 23, A Short History of Nearly Everything). Let me know if you want another!
Nice! Your skin has a lot of microbes including skin mites, too!
If a state were to secede from the union what would be the challenges they would face? Specifically Texas. 2nd highest GDP. Largest oil producer. Most farms of any other state. Abundance of land. Has one of the lowest amount of federal aid per resident (around $300 per resident)
Fun fact, Texas has it's own state militia! Also, no state income tax; most counties make money on ~2.5% sales tax & property tax; I believe the state makes most (a lot?) of its money on corporate taxes... Anyways, I for one would welcome the return of the Republic, perhaps with its old annex New Mexico. Lots of room for farming, and NM steals all of Texas' water!
Reply to oneself would in fact allow for longer messages. The stringent limit on message length is likely supposed to funnel the threads in collections of chiseled, manageable arguments. Stating the obvious, maybe.
Great idea but there's one pitfall that I'd dislike to see. The most recent replies are on top... The secondary post would get stuck at the bottom, and may never be read until after people have replied already. It's sort of a subtle feature, too. It encourages linear discussion, which makes for nice threads that are simple to follow and easy on the eyes.
Feedback thread: The minimalist aspect of subreply is actually pretty good, but i think missing some features might make it hard for some to follow/start meaneanful conversation.| The first feature that comes to mind is multi-line support with [shift + enter].| The second one is an edit button or a way to reply on your own thread.| The third one is the highlight of new replies in the replies tab.| the fourth would be collapsible threads.| finally, 480 characters per reply is
I would like to see tags. Sort of like what hubski and do with set tags that are community-suggestable. Collapsible threads would be nice. I found this website while travelling and have only used it on mobile. It is clunky in some ways but works predictably. The format is perfect. It's so readable. Discussions are chains of paragraphs which brings me delight. No guidelines is awesome. It generates very interesting conversations; focus on the message! Meet people!
What chrome extensions/firefox extensions do you use?
uBlock Origin and uMatrix, chromium. The WWW is much more pleasant. "Inspect element" is also underrated for fixing fonts or deleting pop-ups and notifications and e-stalking social media without an account (cough Instagram).
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It's so easy to get back on them, even when you delete them though. It's hard to do something you yourself can't override.
A piece of advice I was given recently is to make yourself be bored, all day for one day, once maybe a quarter. That's about it. Chores, sure. No screens. Nothing fun. Avoid bad habits. Maybe a little music. The idea is to give your brain a relief from the sea of dopamine things like the WWW have accidentally impregnated us with. Dank memes are an example of easy dopamine. When you're so damn bored, you'll find anything less boring. Go for a walk! Talk to a neighbor?
"Union directories are one of the most widely used organizational features of the Plan 9 name space. For instance, the directory/bin is built as a union of /$cpu type/bin (program binaries), /rc/bin (shell scripts), and perhaps more directories provided by the user. This construction makes the shell$PATH variable unnecessary." (
I did not know that. This might help me play with plan9 more... HolyC is really cool, too. The system Terry Davis built in TempleOS is fascinating. HolyC is JIT, and I think can be rebuilt and executed in place. It's a bastard language for sure; somehow it reminds me of a shell language but actually compiled and statically typed. Why is this not a more commonplace way to design a modern operating system? There's a lot of cruft from Unix left around, it's horrible. Zalgo!
Pay for WinRAR
Not good. Why wouldn't you?