Dongsung Kim Speaking of Google, I've logged out of the service from all of the browsers I use, removed all the visit history, and switched to DuckDuckGo for searching. It would be impossible to ditch Maps though.
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Martijn I guess you could try and help OpenStreetMap to better their Korean coverage, so you can finally "ditch Maps"?
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John Olinda I've been working to update Bongcheon-dong (where we live in Seoul) to make OpenStreetMaps better. It is pretty cool being able to help improve the maps for the place you live It also makes me appreciate the tremendous amount of work that it takes for Google Maps to be as comprehensive as it is.
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Dongsung Kim The main Maps usage for me is not really in Korea but elsewhere. There are far better local services (note: mostly legal issue) so nothing changes for that, but if I visit other countries, I would need public transit information written in the language I can speak. Can OSM route train too? Maybe I can use Yahoo or Bing though...
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