Dongsung Kim What do we want? Net neutrality! When do we want? ...Like 10 years back, way before Korean telecom companies conquered music, television, security, education, credit card, and started actively discriminating traffic from competitors - for one, any kind of mobile internet calls.
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🏒 Lucian Marin Free market economy and net neutrality don't mix well together. The idea is someone will create a better service for less money, but they will lock itself down to protect their investment. People will choose the faster service for less money. The same thing happened to telephone lines. Why would the Internet wires be any different?
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Dongsung Kim But the same thing didn't happen to telephone lines; you don't hear "You cannot call this number. If you want to, pay more. Then - maybe - we'll let you." It's absurd to think about it, and for the Internet, it also should be - fundamentally, they are not that different. If this happened to the telephone industry, and became de facto standard, would people even be able to choose 'better and cheaper' phone service?
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John Olinda Welcome to AOL's vision for the future. I've noticed some really weird stuff on my home connection but haven't had time to look into it more. Not thinking I'll be happy when I do...
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Dongsung Kim Home networks are usually better than mobile ones, except sometimes some port numbers are blocked (i.e. SMB, HTTP, FTP...) depending on the carrier, and the mandatory
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