Dongsung Kim One of the major internet carriers in South Korea, KT, started to roll out 1Gbps FTTH fiber service at the price of KRW 35000 (USD 33) for 3-year contract. The current 100Mbps my family has is fine for me, but I guess I should ask them about this.
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John Olinda How do I get signed up for this if I'm currently with Olleh?
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Dongsung Kim You can call the number 100 (KT/Olleh Call Center) or visit the nearest store and ask about "GIGA Internet." Check out the details at and Availability varies by the region you're in, so check yours at (Sorry the links are in Korean)
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Mark Dain I can't even cope with this. 1Gbit for that price? I've only got 80 Mbit (South UK).
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Dongsung Kim Yep. One of few good things in this country. The situation has some history, but in short, it is a perfect accidental combination of government-driven infrastructure and insane competition. The same thing doesn't apply to mobile though.
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