Dongsung Kim So far I'm loving the simplicity - from the service itself to beautiful layout, well-considered color scheme, but besides those, I've never seen any recent website this responsive and this fast! :D This makes me want to ditch all the JavaScript (but I hardly will.)
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Mark Dain Less is more! Also welcome to Sublevel!
7y, 50w reply
C4nn4r Simpler is often better..erer. Glad to know you are enjoying Sublevel.
7y, 50w 2 replies
Dongsung Kim I am indeed. But can't be as simple as your username! Awesome.
7y, 50w 1 reply
👽 Lucian Marin Fast is a feature. JavaScript is great for all kinds of things, but sometimes is a pain and makes interacting with the DOM glitchy.
7y, 50w reply