Khll In light of Google's AI beating the European champion in Go, what are your thoughts on Artificial Intelligence?
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Martijn How much AI was it versus manmade algorithms? Did they train the computer to play? I haven't really read about it yet, but too often with these things the training was skipped and replaced by direct human input which means the AI is still "basic" compared to scifi-esque robot AI.
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Khll Go has an enormous search space (The maximum number of legal positions in chess is in the order of 10^47, that of Go is 10^127) so traditional man-made algorithms, as you put it, are ineffective. They used deep neural networks which were trained by learning from human expert games and games of self-play. Although we are still far away from scifi-esque robot AI, this milestone was thought to be a decade away. We never know.
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John Olinda Hoping it can run for president by 2020.
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