Mark Dain Someone explain this to me: There's this guy on YouTube, TechRax, who publishes several videos a month, each one smashing, burning and melting iPhones. They're always just virtually new, mint condition too. He mentioned in "Don't Ever Pour Bromine on an iPhone 6S!" that he "bought it today" and then he showed a video of when he did it before! Who destroys 2 iPhones in 1 video? How does he have the money for this?! Is 7 million views enough to buy a new iPhone?!
John Olinda I hate those videos. There might be something to be said for ones that are stress-testing devices for consumer awareness, but just destroying them for the fun of it is insane. Well, not insane, but I have a hard time relating to someone who thinks that's a beneficial use of money. Evidently there are plenty of people who disagree.
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Khll I used to think people who do these videos are just spoiled kids but turns out it is a smart business model (Profit wise that is). Therefore it is people who watch these videos the ones who are insane.
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John Olinda True. It's hard to see that being done as someone who grew up having to make things last. My computers are both 7 years old, so knowing that people are wrecking brand-new devices and still making money off it is tough to swallow.
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Khll Absolutely. To me, it's not that different from people not making the best of their devices. Like don't buy a Laptop with an i7 processor and 8Gb of RAM if you're just going to use it to watch movies and browse the web. Being wasteful in general is hard to rationalize when you know the value of things.
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