Ganesh Khade What chrome extensions/firefox extensions do you use?
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🧙 Lucian Marin On Firefox I have these: app.telemetry page speed monitor, multi-account containers, h264fy, max tabs, order tabs by domain. I use macOS Light theme which I created:
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🧿 Andrea I can recommend: Workona, Lastpass, Honey, Stylish (for a custom Jira dark mode I've made), JSON Formatter, Save to Pocket, uBlock Origin
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💻 Kenneth Jensen uBlock Origin and uMatrix, chromium. The WWW is much more pleasant. "Inspect element" is also underrated for fixing fonts or deleting pop-ups and notifications and e-stalking social media without an account (cough Instagram).
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🔻 Trinity I have a number installed in Firefox, which is probably a bad habit: Wayback Machine, User Agent Switcher, Tampermonkey, ClearURLs, Hoxx VPN, WebRTC Leak Shield, uBlock Origin, Dark Reader, SponsorBlock, Lastpass, unPaywall, Downloader for Tiktok, MEGA, SingleFile, and Download Picture from Instagram. I do use all of them though. I have more but they're so numerous I couldn't go through them all in one comment.
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Xy firefox: ublock origin, dark reader, bypass paywalls clean, vimium
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Ganesh Khade Have you tried Tridactyl?
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🎣 Fish chrome extensions on brave: gmail, nordvpn, nordpass
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🤬 Foobar ublock origin is all I need
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