Studying and working in electrical engineering in Netherlands
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I've been trying to read more lately... Any book suggestions? Give me something depressing
If you are looking for non-fiction, I've been reading Why we sleep. Lack of sleep, even only a few hours, is really really bad according to science.
I can't believe it's already sunday evening. Weekends go by so fast.
Time flies when you are having fun! Love the Halloween invitation poster.
Subreply should open source itself
We need to spam a little more before that happens.
Hello and welcome to this beautiful new week, full of chances and possibilities! How do you all feel on this Monday?
I had a pretty terrible morning that ended with a nap. Things were much better afterwards :)
Just sharing some quote for the day, have a nice week everyone! "Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune." - Jim Rohn
I hope this holds true for Europe as well. I dropped out of my masters this week and going to move from EE to more software stuff at work. Let's go self-education!
Anyone here ever use Chatroulette? I feel like chatting with a random person. Well... I just tried. After a bunch of guys immediately passing on me, one guy sounded like he was reading prose, but kept the same inflection as I tried to talk with him. I had a hard time hearing, and it didn't seem like we would have a good conversation, so I ended the session. was a bit better. Text-only, met a couple of people, but most there want to talk dirty.
IRC is great for chat-only random person conversations.
Looks like you're not using unicode then. You should really strive for unicode. Check out the /etc/locales file for lines ending with UTF-8, for example en_US.UTF-8. You can also check out following wiki page:
Are you using Latin - 1 encoding instead of utf8? Is that a Linux? What is `echo $LANG` give you?
Are there any twtxt users here? (
I cannot get it to work, getting a '''latin-1' codec can't encode character" error when I call twtxt.
Next film on the list: WarGames
Just read this, The best career advice for those who want to work or currently working in the tech industry as "Programmer" or "Software Engineer" or whatever else.
Do I understand correctly that your media is stored redundantly on both drives and one of those is your working hard drive? Are both hard drives always connected to your machine and how often do you do backups?
My OS is installed on a separate SSD. Important files like personal photos are installed in the RAID partition, some also in the cloud. The two hard drives are always connected to my PC as they also contain non redundant files (mostly media) on the other partition.
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