💻 Kernel I see that posts appear in trending when two people reply multiple times to each other. What is the current requirement for a chain of posts to appear in trending? I think that only posts with multiple unique people replying should appear in that section.
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🏒 Lucian Marin An interesting idea, a thread will need a counter for unique people replying. Trending feed shows the top 15 threads from the last 30 with at least one reply.
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☕ David Antoine A counter is nice indeed ; it's a simple addition and an easy way to spot a back-and-forrh talk between 2 people or a more group-like discussion thread. Also, I didn't get notified you replied to this original post, cause it's not a direct reply to me... But it would be nice to have some kind of activity notification as soon as you "participate" to a post. It would be easy to keep track of multiple engagements. By listing post(s) in a tab maybe or some other elegant solution?
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☕ David Antoine Well, a trending discussion between only two people could still be interesting to read. Which in turn could eventually see other people popping up in the thread. Like a discussion seed... Though if you "de-prioritize" those we could still look in the search tab I guess. Or the feed with highly replied posts. Not sure what's the most convinient...
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