i hate hn
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I looked into Zig today but even the HelloWorld changes in each version because they can't decide on the naming. Sorry, I have to wait for the 1.0 then.
I'd like to get into systems programming, but all the options seem so daunting to a JavaScript user such as myself. :(
After 2 days running Miniflux 2.0.23 on my Raspberry 2 Model B, I can say it's running pretty nice ! Sometimes when trying to display the original content of an RSS entry it take 2-3 seconds, not really an issue !
Thanks for the update!! I'm going to by a Pi sometime this month to start testing my projects. :) Thank you so much.
Kakoune. It's like Vim but the other way around.
This looks awesome. But can you enlighten me by what you mean by "Vim the other way around"?
it was running on a beefey host at OVH, but it will soon run on my Raspberry Pi, I will be able to tell you how it runs (:
Awesome. Do keep me posted! ...Or just post an update on Subreply when you do. :)
Big fan of Miniflux but I was using Inoreader before (:
Miniflux looks awesome. How do you host it? I keep running into great self-hostable software, but then get stuck wondering if it'd be cheaper to run it from a Raspberry Pi or just paying for a VPS.
I've never been a big RSS Reader user but Fraidycat looks just too good.
Your post inspired my question! :)
Are you all using fraidyc.at ?
I tried it briefly last month, and thought the format was refreshing. However, I reverted to Inoreader as I find it more powerful. I would like to switch to a more minimal RSS reader that does not require a browser addon, however.
I still prefer addons.mozilla.org... on macOS. :)
I learned about it while having fun with PICO-8. It's a lovely language, good design and simple.
Thanks for your reply! It seems Lua is popular in the gamedev space. I looked at PICO-8, and it looks delightful.
Hello ! I come back from some holidays and now I'm wondering if it would be worth it to learn vi/vim keybindings (maybe change my IDE when possible with some vim/neovim, install keybinding in other editors) ? If yes, what method would you recommend to me to learn them ?
I've heard vimtutor is great for this.
There's an invite thread stickied on r/tildes or invites@tildes.net which are checked fairly regularly. It was also in this moment that I realised this platform has no direct messaging as I was going to drop one in your inbox.
Thanks! I'll check the reddit thread. Cheers, sir.
I've been playing around with svelte for my personal website. I think that it's great for small applications.
Awesome! I just checked out your site and it looks great. Did you use Sapper by chance or just regular Svelte? I also just finished a small project with Svelte. I wonder how it scales.
This is why I've come to love Tildes as a reddit alternative. Everyone seems to self regulate post quality as a matter of respect. There's a distinct focus on making sure that when you post, it adds to the discussion or at least attempts to. They can be a bit intimidating to join in with at times, but also exceedingly casual due to the lack of vitriol. If someone questioned something I said on reddit/twitter, I'd get defensive and worry about responding in the first place.
Wow. Never heard of Tildes, but it looks awesome. It seems to be invite-only, however. Looking forward to potentially joining.
I use both. And both rather infrequent. I even use Twitter (even less frequent). I think it is alright as long as you don't let it become part of your habits. It is just a bit sad, that subreply is a silo so I cannot link everything.
True! I think I love that decided against images. I think that makes the site way more snappier to load and also easier to scan with the eyes. But agree about the silo-ing part.
Sitting here with good coffee, a delicious cake and reasonably good wifi. And someone really asks me how I am. Is this even a question?!
+1 I've gotten into the habit of having evening coffee (sue me). That + a nice piece of coffee cake, doing a little bit of liesurely coding by my desk plant, Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" playing... what more can one ask for?
access your browser cookies, there's one called "identity' stored for "subreply.com"
why is it so difficult to sign out?