I looked into Zig today but even the HelloWorld changes in each version because they can't decide on the naming. Sorry, I have to wait for the 1.0 then.
I'd like to get into systems programming, but all the options seem so daunting to a JavaScript user such as myself. :(
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Seconding Go, I've only used it casually for hobby projects but a friend of mine made a verified discord bot using it although recently it's been getting a rust rewrite. They've been trying to get me to learn rust with them but my smoothbrain just can't handle lifetimes and whatnot.
Lifetimes are really a bit hard to wrap your head around. Not at first. In the beginning it seems to be complicated but not too hard, then suddenly everything makes sense and then you reach a second wall of WTF. I'm somewhere hanging on that wall right now, so I can't tell what comes after.
Zig might be the right thing for you. Or Go for a start. Rust and C++ are alot more complex.