anyone use mastodon or pleroma or a fediverse equivalent? the more i use Subreply, the more I realize I like Subreply better. probably because the community is so tiny and the posts aren't as low effort as the ones twitter/mastodon seems to encourage.
This is why I've come to love Tildes as a reddit alternative. Everyone seems to self regulate post quality as a matter of respect. There's a distinct focus on making sure that when you post, it adds to the discussion or at least attempts to. They can be a bit intimidating to join in with at times, but also exceedingly casual due to the lack of vitriol. If someone questioned something I said on reddit/twitter, I'd get defensive and worry about responding in the first place.
Wow. Never heard of Tildes, but it looks awesome. It seems to be invite-only, however. Looking forward to potentially joining.
There's an invite thread stickied on r/tildes or which are checked fairly regularly. It was also in this moment that I realised this platform has no direct messaging as I was going to drop one in your inbox.
Thanks! I'll check the reddit thread. Cheers, sir.
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