what are your thoughts on the mass layoffs at Mozilla?
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It's just sad what happened there. Mozilla wasn't perfect for sure but the contributions to the web and related technologies are beyond valuable. Sure, the code is open source but who will keep it up to date now? Who will keep a stance against the Blink/Webkit-Oligopole that is actually almost a monopole?
This is harsh, teams that brings the most intellectual value to the enterprise are those the most touched by those layoffs, I don't know how all of this will turn but I'm not sure we will have a good ending... ):
the code still exists (the open source stuff), those who have forked it and hacked it for their own ends, it means very little (maybe a breath of fresh air of all the crap they have had to compile out till now that the devs were pressured into putting into the code for profitability). Though those who were reliant upon the ecosystem as it existed under moz corp/foundation might feel very different (those employed directly, useds, etc)...