🗨️ Keb anyone use mastodon or pleroma or a fediverse equivalent? the more i use Subreply, the more I realize I like Subreply better. probably because the community is so tiny and the posts aren't as low effort as the ones twitter/mastodon seems to encourage.
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🧐 Nrmn I use both. And both rather infrequent. I even use Twitter (even less frequent). I think it is alright as long as you don't let it become part of your habits. It is just a bit sad, that subreply is a silo so I cannot link everything.
🗨️ Keb True! I think I love that decided against images. I think that makes the site way more snappier to load and also easier to scan with the eyes. But agree about the silo-ing part.
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Miso I'm more happy on subreply than on the fediverse side. I think people in here are more happy to engage and discuss with one another, but it feels like people on fediverse are more there to broadcast.
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🗨️ Fui That seems an acute observation. The bigger the platform, the less likely it is to engage in meaningful exchanges. When broadcasting something, who are we talking to? We're either trying to reach someone or simply throwing words into the wind. With a smaller community we have the advantage of being more grounded. If we shout out something, there's a higher chance someone will hear. And that ends up demanding we're overall more thoughtful in what we say.
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👨‍💻 Matthieu V. I'm with you on the point of the small community, it's really pleasant, on the other hand on the fediverse I broke my bubble filter a little bit and I find a lot of talented people in their field or some nice persons (:
🗨️ Keb Perhaps this is what I need to do on Mastodon. I guess my issue is just that -- I don't know who the good people are to follow! It's easy enough on Twitter, because everyone has a Twitter, so the people I find interesting are certainly on there (but I don't like the Twitter experience in general, so I avoid it). Hoping nitter.net eventually has features for logging in and creating a personal feed. :)