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I've had lots of fun exploring Gemini - is anyone active in there? Let me know your about your site if so :)
what is this Gemini of which you speak?
Here you go friend!
Sorry for the late reply. Didn't check in here recently. Yes, as said, this really is awesome <3
Whoa! You just pressed all my buttons at the same time. I teach. I play games. I teach games. And they are always set to a vaporwave soundtrack too. Can send my Spotify playlist links if interested.
haha, that's great to hear! For sure, please send it over :)
Absolutely thrilled of my new thinkpad. It's a big P53. Linux noob but I went with fedora. It's very slick right now. The transition from macos isn't so bad! Any tips?
nice! I was so close to not buying a new macbook this year. Was looking at the surface pro, but... inevitably, I bought a macbook instead haha. Can't break out of the mac ecosphere!
What's your setup for personal backups? I've just started using restic on an old HDD I found, still looking for a good (cheap) SSD to buy. I think I should use at least two hard drives for backups, maybe even do some fancy RAID... By the way, this post serves as a REMINDER TO DO YOUR BACKUPS!
Nextcloud on a private server in my office
I'm one foot in, one out. I like it, I like the direction where is headed, but... I'm managing my ZK well enough with VSCode only -- at least for now. So I basically just use obsidian to check the graph view.
Good to know! I haven't used VSCode, so obsidian is nice and lightweight for me. It's good to see the connection between papers that I read.
Have you made any game with pico-8? Share them if you did!
That's a really interesting read!
Thanks! It was fun to write too :)
seems like the new design recognizes this, emphasizing groups and events over newsfeeds. if those features are useful to you, then why quit at all? maybe download the newsfeed blocker if you find yourself accidentally 'doomscrolling' after logging on to check events
I've used the blocker for a number of years now. Do not miss the newsfeed at all.
play a sad one, joe..
What's your favorite character
Ooooh, good question. Apart from Chrono I think Frog, just for the way he talks and his sad story.
Envious! Played it many years ago, it's a real gem. What system are you playing it on?
I'm playing it on which is a superb multiplatform emulator. We're nearly finished now I think. Getting quite epic..!
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius was profoundly life-changing
A good friend of mine swears by this book. Time I actually got it myself..! Thanks for sharing your thoughts
I play Openra and Dwarf Fortress from time to time.
Didn't know about openRA.... wow. Very happy to have rediscovered this game!
Do you play any games?
currently enjoying Chrono Trigger for the first time. Beautiful soundtrack btw:
Language learning is such a rewarding experience, especially once you reach the stage of being able to freely think and communicate with people in the language. Interestingly, the version of you in another language can deviate a little from the other version(s), providing an opportunity to be a second person (to some degree). As Charlemagne said: "To have a second language is to possess a second soul".
This is a great point, and I have experienced it myself. I also have read articles in the past the posit that the "second language version" of you is more logical and less emotional: scientificamerican...