Anyone here involved with education? Specifically game-based learning.
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I teach elementary students with board games a lot. Looking to teach with TTRPGs soon too.
I teach computer-related courses in high-school.
People say this a really hard space to sell products in because it's either sell to the parents of students who typically don't feel inclined, or sell to a school or district, which is a winner take all type situation. I know this isn't a one-to-one comparable situation, but here's something I think is worth thinking about: I've been picking up the drums recently and I've been using Clone Hero (a Guitar Hero clone for PC that has drum support) as an aid. (1/2)
The drumming example is a good one. In that situation you have a very specific skill and the game itself acts as the tutor/teacher, so in effect you don't need a teacher in a classroom. Their role is totally augmented by the game. I'm interested in classroom base usage of games, and in a 'frugal' educational sense, the use of games that are free or cheap to implement (like paper-based or free browser games).
I gamified version control for software engineering students once. Happy to chat!
I'm imagining something like getting points for committing changes... Something like this? Sounds interesting!
High school math teacher here.
Great to meet you! Do you use games in your teaching? I'm only familiar with language teaching personally, but use a number of different games (board and digital).