What do you think it is about human nature that causes the eternal September effect?
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too many people ruins the community feel. My fav social media/subreddit things are those that only fit a small niche
Humans crave stability AND novelty. These conflicting desires drive them to first create new things, then want to keep those things exactly how they are. Same effect as everyone wants a city to remain exactly how they found it when they first moved there.
Regression to the mean. A small population can have unusual values, norms, preferences, or abilities. As the population gets larger, it will tend to return to the average.
there's an interesting essay on internet communities called 'otters v possums' (I'd link it if I could). Basically the ideas that there are groups of people with strong opinions who prefer to keep community cultures niche. They build said culture, and it becomes successful and fun, which attracts the type who dont care as much about keeping that culture consistent. Eventually, theres a critical mass of people who aren't there for the same reasons as the founders
That makes some sense, I think. I also think it's worth noting that I would never feel the urge to make a thread like this on reddit. Things feel very intimate right now, like talking with a group of friends I haven't yet made.
The social part of our animal natures. We just looooove (as in need) to have everyone's attention.
The originial sin of the internt: perception of anonymity. You're either smart enough to have it or dumb enough not to care.
erosion of community norms, due to an influx of new users faster than they can be integrated with the existing community
Is that everything? Why do people consider a platform good before those norms are established?