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Yeah, it's looking better in some parts but the lack of an overall, cohesive strategy (not that it would be easy with 50 states, but there should definitely be more than exists currently) will mean that you'll end up with recurrent spikes, especially with the large amount of domestic travel that occurs in the US.
Even just a consistent message and assistance in putting in place science based frameworks in a way that makes sense locally would be a huge improvement over the misinformation, constantly changing message, shirking of responsibility and general denial of the issue you are experiencing currently. Third world country material eh....
Is there is such thing as national US news site that is not politically biased?
Try Al Jazeera. I've found them to be about as unbiased as the Guardian and they stream their news channel on Youtube.
All of those, honestly. I'm trying to guess when this crisis will be over in the United States.
Frankly, looking in from outside, it'll either be over when you get some leadership because right now there's a leadership vacuum or, when there's a vaccine/everyone has had it and either died or not.
Hey, subreply folk -- what resources do you use most to keep up with coronavirus information? for the pure numbers. Everything else is pretty basic, copy what asians do when they're sick or it's flu season. Wear a mask, support your immune system with exercise, healthy eating and supplements that are appropriate for you.