Joshuarowe The key to wearable technology is a shift in the nature of the software being developed. Currently too much is borrowed from both the desktop and smartphone era. The software needs to be simpler, smarter, more focused and automated.
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Josh Sharp Totally agree. Wearables are still "v1 tech" where we're essentially saying, hey we can make this stuff, what cool things can we do with it? It will take a while for the technology to mature. Once it's stopped being the shiny new toy technology people will start to take it seriously and think about the value it brings, and the best ways of making it functional (both on hardware and software side, but I definitely agree there's further to go for software).
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🏒 Lucian Marin Imagine the cost of writing a kernel only for wearables. We don't even know what kind of wearables are socially acceptable. It will take a decade before we have a complete shift in software being written for these insanely small devices.
Joshuarowe I'm not referring to the underlying platform or OS. I'm referring to what the software is designed to do and why. The desktop and smartphone paradigm I alluded to is more about the nature of what software does for people and how it does it.